The People Air Out Issues With The Police

Ex cons, Business men, lawyers, teachers, GD’s and executives gathered into Murden’s Barber Shop to air out their grievances with law enforcement Thursday 3/21. To  their surprise they were met with open minds and empathetic ears! The event was hosted by Ty Dennis (APD Detective / Task Force Officer with ATF) & Mediated by Reec (PAYUSA / Hot 107.9) with special guest appearance by Hurricane Dave (Vice President of Programming & Operations – Radio One)

clippers and cops 3.21 (9)
L – R: Michael Seiden (WSB Channel 2) –  Ty Dennis (APD Detective / Task Force Officer with ATF) –  Reec (PAYUSA / Hot 107.9) – Omar (Freedom is a Choice Mentoring) – Hurricane Dave (Vice President of Programming & Operations – Radio One)

For 65 years Murden’s Barber Shop has been a hub for the community to get way more than a fresh line up. The long standing business has been a place for young men to get an opportunity to make a living, share ideals, life skills and experiences. Recently Mr. Martin, founder and owner, has felt an alarming change in the neighborhood with an influx of teenagers that seem to be loitering with no positive intentions. ENTER Clippers and Cops.  An initiative based on local law enforcement hearing the communities issues, concerning policing and police interaction.

This particular event got heated at times because of the passion that the locals have concerning the youth and the general safety for themselves and ability to continue to maintain businesses.  (Video Clips can be found at

In closing, their where many resources shard to help this community move forward, including the officers for the area sharing direct contact information with the patron so they can continue to build post event. The civilians also vowed to take more responsibility to help the local youth through mentoring and legal money making opportunities.

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