Reec Host PAYUSA’s Free Groceries Give Away!


While a great deal of focus was on The Broncos and Sea Hawks this Super Bowl Sunday, Positive American Youth AKA PAYUSA had a game plan to score touchdowns in the community! In an effort to provide assistance after the winter storm they successfully supplied hundreds of stuffed grocery bags to very appreciative families.

People of all ages came by to receive canned and dry goods through Payusa’s food pantry. Attendants also received vital community resource information from Better Homes & Healthcare and gifts courtesy of multiple donors including Morgan & Morgan Law, Nissan Next and @_TheBraceletFactory which is a costume jewelry company owned by a 8 year old Kaliyah Thornton!  This goes to show the spirit of “giving” has absolutely no bounds. Home Depot even donated tools to one of Hot 107.9′s listeners, Christian, who called into Reec’s Show the weekend before during a segment called “Rantz With Reec” to “Rant” about someone stealing his work tools from his brand new job. The event was hosted by Hot 107.9′s  Reec who presented Christian with his tool set!


Reec & Hot 107.9 Listener Christian

Some very special guest came by to show support including Carol Blackmon of Majic 107.5 / 97.5, Maria More of Hot 107.9 and Bobby & Renee Peoples of Tinseltown Studios.

Carol Blackmon (Majic 107.5 / 97.5) along with Reec, PAYUSA Staff & Who You Wit Ladies

Carol Blackmon (Majic 107.5 / 97.5) along with Reec, PAYUSA Staff & Who You Wit Ladies

Maria More & Reec of Hot 107.9

Maria More & Reec of Hot 107.9

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Kaliyah, 8 year old owner of @_TheBraceletFactory & Reec


Bobby Peoples of Tinseltown catches Reec in action

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