Kids Received Free Hair Cuts & Supplies At Recent Clippers & Cops Event!

With back to school right around the corner it was a pleasant surprise for parents with children to receive free hair cuts and school supplies when they arrived to discuss many topics in an open forum with local law enforcement dubbed Clippers & Cops.

Many topics of discussion took place in addition to the back to school festivities. Concerns of gang related policing, how to handle teen offenders, and knowing your rights during a traffic stop. Tensions did run HOT a few times, between some local activist and the officers but moderator Reec (Hot 107.9 / PAYUSA) got things back into perspective. In the end both parties were able to hear what the other was bringing to the table and a level empathy was reached.

A favorite part of the event for the attendees was the “Traffic Stop” demonstration, in which officers mocked a traffic stop and pulled over Reec, giving out different situations and showing how they are thinking and executing. This gave the onlookers a better perspective of what to do when being “pulled over”.