Hot 107.9’s Reec &TV Star Kelsey Nykole Give Back by Reading with PAYUSA

As we know reading is one of the key factors in a child’s education; and higher literacy test scores have a direct effect on having  legal issues.    We also know that celebrities have the power to create change through influence and action. This  week Hot 107.9’s Reec brought his self written kids book “Ice Gets Fit,” a barrel full of toys (courtesy of PAYUSA) and a very special guest in Kelsey Nykole (VH1 Tv Star). The kids had a great time and all made a commitment to read everyday at home! This is part of our on going effort to keep kids reading and combat bullying at the same time.

Reec and Kelsey Nykole
Reec and Kelsey Nykole Reading to the kids!