Hot 107.9’s Reec Host Free Grocery Give Away With PAYUSA!

Check out pictures below from the free grocery give away courtesy of Positive American Youth’s food pantry. The items given away include non perishable grocery items, household goods courtesy of Good 360, Costco, Wal-Mart, Feed The Children and Home Depot!

Give Away

The event was hosted by Hot 107.9’s Reec and other notables came to lend a helping hand including VH1 star / vocalist Kelsey Nykole, Model “Seetz”, C-No Rich and Ms. Boss Ladii.  The event featured a live broadcast on Hot 107.9 which helped the community find their way to this heart warming event. Positive American Youth (BKA PAYUSA) holds events of this magnitude on a weekly basis.

Check out pictures below!

Boss Ldii, Kelsey Nykole(L) & Reec (R) Give Away 2 Give Away 4 Give Away Grocery Give Away 2 Grocery Give Away Kelsey Nykole & Reec give away house hold items Model Sweetz & Reec