Cops & Clippers Strikes Again!


This edition of “cops & Clippers” raised some serious questions including, What is expected of our local law enforcement and is it unrealistic? Other concerns included, what to do if an officer is disrespectful during a stop. Check out the video clip and stay tuned to Reec’s instagram or Officer Ty Dennis’s FB for the next event!

Video courtesy of TBE Productions:

Clippers and Cops forum was created to have a real conversation among citizens and police officers about topics that effect not only our communities but has become the face of the nation in which we all live.

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Location Off The Hook Barbershop 
251 Peters St. Atlanta GA

Special Guests Micah Troy Reec Swiney

Music: I’m Gooche by Shonn Hinton
Photography: @HISIMAGESINKPHOTOGRAPHY on Instagram

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