PAYUSA’s Emergency (Non-Contact) Snack, Breakfast Distribution a Major Success!

Despite the looming fear of Covid-19, hundreds of recipients lined up and wrapped around the Threadmill Mall Complex on a rainy Easter Sunday to receive a much needed stimulus package for their food pantry, courtesy of Positive American Youth!


Positive American Youth’s (PAYUSA’s) food pantry has seen a spike in numbers as the covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has left school aged children home all day, along side many parents. To make matters more challenging, many of these parents who have seen reduced hours, lay offs, furlows and even terminations. Action needed to be taken, and that action came in the form of a series of mass distributions aimed at households with school aged children.

On Sunday April 12th, PAYUSA gave out hundreds of prepackaged boxes. These “care packages” were filled with items such as cereal, granola bars, canned meals, mixed veggies, popcorn and rice cakes. Many of the boxes also contained learning toys and books!

Staff and volunteers dawned protective mask and gloves. They were also advised to have no physical contact with recipients and little conversation, in an overt attempt to follow CDC guidelines and maintain the safety of all parties. Hence the ‘non-contact’ distribution.


Staf with Mask on

The event was sponsored in part by PAYUSA’s community partners such as Cobb EMC, The City of Austell and The Around the town moving Company. the event was covered by The Marietta Daily Journal, WSB-2 and Channel 46.

Stay on the look out for the next PAYUSA distribution!